Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's on my needles: Cabled cardigan for me (The Sweater Sally Knit Instead,
bySally Melville), new cozy for my mp3 player, feather and fan stole of my
own design, socks for Ashley's birthday (tentatively named Daisy Dead Petals since they're done in KP Stroll Tonal Nevermore, I'm considering a lighter pair to be named Delightful Daisies), and a faux Gaptastic Cowl (diff stitch count and needle sizes) that is 90% complete.

What's gotten off my needles: Danny's gigantic socks. Mens' socks can easily have over 20,000 stitches per pair, so it's not shocking that I didn't get much completed besides them since my last post. This Gaptastic Cowl is so close to getting finished I should just do it so I can have another FO. I am becoming more of a process knitter than a production knitter, but it still does my heart good to have something declared "done." I've been puttering along on the other projects, as well.

I'm still on track for getting my goal of 12 pairs of socks in 2012 done. I'm almost 2/3 done with my 7th pair for the year and we're in mid April.

I'm mentally designing a LARGE cardigan/duster project. I know that I want it done in fingering weight, but I know that I will have a lot of knitting to do with that weight. I'm tempted to knit it out in sport or worsted, just to get the dimensions of the garment that I want. It involves short rows for shaping, especially in the bottom front. Danny's suggesting a floppy lapel, but I was thinking something frilled, or maybe with short row scallops. I will keep pondering on this while I keep stitching on the projects that are already on my needles. More FO's to show soon.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Danny's Diamond Ganseys

Just posted this pattern for sale on Ravelry. :)

These were a delight to work on and turned out to be wonderfully subtle. If you have a husband who's afraid of color or of wildly textured patterns, you may have just found your winner. I may just have to make a few more of this pattern for random male gift giving in my life.