Monday, May 07, 2012

Early May update

What's on my needles: Cabled cardigan for me (The Sweater Sally Knit Instead,
bySally Melville, aka, the sweater that will not end LOL), feather and fan stole of my own design, a pair of socks for my own two feet.

What's off my needles: new cozy for my mp3 player, socks for Ashley's birthday, and a faux Gaptastic Cowl, and a necklace as a complimentary gift to my check for Sammie's FHC.

Busy, busy, busy. We've been having knitting group once a week in which I share my knowledge with Johnnie, Megan, and Brandi. It's fun! And I have ppl to talk to for a couple of hours while we all stitch together. I still managed to keep the necklace a secret as I worked with Johnnie and Megan. Johnnie said that even if Sammie didn't like it, she did, so I'm confident that it'll be worn by someone.

We're onto our summer activities, so that leaves me with less knitting time during the day, but I can in the evenings after bedtime. The kids are enjoying being out of doors more often and we're riding bikes after dinner most every night. We're heading for a trip to Carowinds this weekend. I wish I had someone to drive me so that I could have knitting time, but oh well. It'll still be a good time.

Danny was kind to me again for May. Anniversary and Mother's Day earned me a sizable giftcard to Knit Picks. I was excited this morning when the interwebz told me that the package is in Summerville. Maybe it'll be here today or tomorrow. :) I got a set of KP interchangables, 5 pairs of sock yarn, and a sweater's worth of Chroma in Grey and Atlantis for a chromatic random stripe sweater. Being fingering, it'll take next to FOREVER, but I love the idea it represents. I will try to post a picture when I unpack it.