Monday, February 20, 2012

What's on my needles: I Heart Rainbow Socks for Becca, a second gauntlet in icky green Red Heart Super Saver for Aaron, and the cabled cardigan for me (The Sweater Sally Knit Instead, by Sally Melville)

It's been a little over a week since I posted my goals, so I thought I would update. I'm currently working on my 5th pair of socks. (Ravyn's, MIL's, mine, David's, Becca's, for clarity) I love the yarn I'm currently using, Felici by Knit Picks. I will definitely order more of this yarn in the future. Don't tell Danny. *smirk* He's still freaking out about the Wool of the Andes I ordered for his sweater costing $51.11 plus tax. I could easily spend that much or more on a beautiful sweater at a store, so I didn't bat an eye. Add into this the hours of entertainment I will get on the sweater and it was worth it. I will remind him of this the next time he wants to spend $65 on a round of golf. *eyeroll*

I'm still enjoying knitting podcasts. They're calming. And since most of the ones I've picked started in 2008, I have plenty of listening time before I am caught up.

I am coming up with a few more patterns for socks and other designs for sweaters. I will post as I can. Does anyone know how to insert a table in blogger so that I can make up charts along with the written patterns? Please leave a comment if you know what I can do!

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