Friday, February 10, 2012

What's on my needles:
Socks for the MIL, and a cabled cardigan (The Sweater Sally Knit Instead, by Sally Melville)

I want to lay out some goals and publishing them to the internets seems like a way to get accountability for myself. Even if no one reads the blog.

In 2012 I want to knit 12 pairs of socks. I'm currently on my 3rd pair and it is mid Feb. I felt confident enough to cast on the sweater. Turns out I've been knitting since 2001 and I have never made myself a sweater. Just plain neglectful. Then I'll get to work on another. I like the idea of more sweaters for me since I'm cold all the time.

The knitting of the sweater is quite cathardic for me. I will post a pic when I get a little further. The next step would be to design my own. Eeps! We'll see how that goes.

I've been listening to a couple of knitting podcasts. Knit Picks, Knit Views, and Whatcha Swatchin are all fun and cute. I have learned a lot from Kelley on the Knit Picks podcast. She almost has me convinced to try steeking.. I will have to find an appropriate pattern and gather my courage. ;)

I'm trying to talk a few of my irl friends into letting me give them knitting lessons. I think it would be so cool to have friends to sit and stitch with. We'll see if I can cajole them into it.

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